Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer: Make An Online Co-op Game

Unreal Engine 5 C++ Multiplayer: Make An Online Co-op Game

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Learn intermediate C++ and the latest UE5 tech to make your own online multiplayer adventure games.

Want to learn how to make your own online multiplayer adventure games?

In this course you’ll use the latest Unreal Engine 5 features and C++ to do just that!

The main game in this course is a two player co-op action adventure game, but you can apply the code and principles to whatever type of online multiplayer game you want to make.

Along with learning all about level design, you’ll also create different gameplay features like pressure plates, movable platforms and doors, and collectible keys.

By the end of the course you’ll have a fun co-op adventure game you can play with your friend online. Plus the tools to continue to work on it and really make it your own!

Understanding online multiplayer is difficult, this course makes it simple by giving you easy to understand explanations and step by step examples.

Even if you understand the basics of multiplayer, it’s still difficult to make a multiplayer game. This course will teach you how to put your knowledge to practical use, showing you how to make a full game.

This is an intermediate course, so if you already know a bit of Unreal and have an understanding of basic coding concepts this is the course for you!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn intermediate C++ and the latest UE5 tech to make your own online multiplayer adventure games.
  • Fundamentals of making online multiplayer games in Unreal.
  • Create online gameplay sessions.
  • Program online multiplayer gameplay.
  • Master the replication system (the part of Unreal used to make multiplayer games).
  • Use the Online Subsystem (which Unreal uses to create online gameplay sessions).
  • Use Steam’s online services to connect across the internet.
  • Design and program a 2 player co-op adventure game that you can play with your friend over the internet.
  • We’ll also teach you about level design.
Table of Contents

Introduction & Setup
1 Welcome To The Course
2 Development Setup
3 Community & Support
4 Accessing Our Projects

Multiplayer Fundamentals
5 Section Intro – Multiplayer Fundamentals
6 Multiplayer Overview
7 Netmode
8 Connecting via LAN
9 Replication Intro
10 Network Role & Authority
11 Network Roles Example
12 Variable Replication
13 RepNotifies
14 RepNotifies Continued
15 Server RPCs
16 Spawning Static Mesh Actors
17 RPC Validation
18 Multicast RPCs
19 Spawning Particle Effects
20 Actor Ownership
21 Client RPCs
22 Wrap Up – Multiplayer Fundamentals

Online Subsystem
23 Section Intro – Online Subsystem
24 Online Subsystem Intro
25 Project Setup – Online Subsystem
26 Game Instance Subsystem
27 Main Menu
28 Session Interface
29 Batch Script Testing
30 Accessing Subsystem in Blueprint
31 CreateSession
32 Session Interface Delegates
33 DestroySession
34 DestroySession Delegate
35 FindSessions
36 Using ServerName
37 JoinSession
38 Create & Join Menus
39 Menu Functionality
40 Disabling Buttons
41 Wrap Up – Online Subsystem

Co-op Adventure Gameplay
42 Section Intro – Coop Adventure
43 New Map
44 Pressure Plate
45 Pressure Plate Constructor
46 Pressure Plate Blueprint
47 Pressure Plate Tick
48 Pressure Plate Delegates
49 Transporter Component
50 Transporter Constructor
51 Counting Active Plates
52 Moving Owner Actor
53 Movable Actor
54 Movable Actor Constructor
55 Movable Platform
56 Movable Door
57 Pressure Plate Animation
58 Collectable Key
59 Collecting The Key
60 Better Looking Key
61 The Key Holder
62 Activating Key Holder
63 Trigger Actor Keys
64 Win Area
65 Win RPC
66 Win Screen
67 Customizing Player Movement
68 Level Design
69 Level Design #2
70 Level Design #3
71 Wrap Up – Coop Adventure