Selenium – Java (Best for automation beginner) on Live App

Selenium – Java (Best for automation beginner) on Live App

English | 2016 | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 8.5 Hours | 2.68 GB

Implement scenario on realtime ecommerce application

This course includes Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Java Concepts, TestNG Framework, Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Page Factory, Data Driven, Reading Excel Files)

Best reporting tool – Advanced Reporting using ReportNG and XSLT

Parallel execution with Selenium Grid 2.0, Maven Build Management, Continuous Integration with Jenkins, Code management with Git integration

This course will take you from basic to expert level step by step, we are covering all java concepts which are required for daily selenium activities and also for preparing selenium interview

Java Basics: Variables, If-Then-Else, For loop, While loop, Arrays, Classes, Inheritance, Objects, Constructors, Methods, Working with Excel file and database

Collection API, OOPS, Properties file etc

Selenium WebDriver Basics: Commonly used methods and locator types, Id, Name, Class Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, Xpath, Css Selector

Ajax Handling, Multi window handling, Actions class, Implicit wait, Explicit wait.

After completing the the course you will be able to write automated tests using selenium and java

Table of Contents

Selenium Basics
1 Selenium Introduction
2 Selenium IDE installation

Working with Selenium IDE
3 Selenium IDE
4 Java Installation
5 Eclipse Installation

Element Locators in Selenium
6 What is Element Locator
7 Element Locator – ID
8 Element Locator – Name
9 Element Locator – Class
10 Element Locator – Link
11 Element Locator – CSS
12 Locate element by Xpathpart1
13 Locate element by Xpathpart2
14 Locate element by Xpathpart3
15 Locate element by Xpathpart4
16 Locate element by Xpathpart5

Java Basics
17 Eclipse basics
18 Start Java programming – Project Package
19 Variables Constant
20 Class Object
21 Methods in details
22 Constructors
23 Condition handling
24 For Loop
25 While Loop
26 Do while loop
27 For Each loop
28 String Handling Part1
29 String Handling Part2
30 String Handling Part3
31 Read file by File Reader
32 Read data by Buffered Reader
33 Write data by File Writer
34 Write data by BufferedWriter

Running Selenium RC Cases
35 Setup Remote ControlRC server
36 Execute RC test cases

JUnit in detail
37 What is Junit
38 Junit Working and Basic annotations
39 Junit all annotations
40 Junit Working with test case

TestNG in detail
41 TestNG Setup on Eclipse
42 TestNG workflow and basic annotations
43 TestNG All annotations
44 Running test case in using TestNG
45 Running only failed testcases using TestNG
46 Grouping in TestNG

Jump into Webdriver
47 Webdriver Introduction
48 First testcase in Webdriver Firefox
49 First testcase in Webdriver Chrome
50 First testcase in Webdriver IE
51 Difference between get and navigate method
52 Difference between close and quit method
53 Webdriver Work on radio button
54 Webdriver Work on Checkbox
55 work on dropdown
56 Maximize browser window

Actions Class Work on Keyboard and Mouse Operations
57 Actions class – keyboard operations – Enter Tab key
58 Actions class – Mouse operations – Open dropdown by mouse over

Webdriver Advance
59 Remove duplicate code by using inheritance
60 Take screenshot in webdriver
61 Manage Element locators using Property File

Selenium Documents
62 String handling in Java
63 Read data by File Readercode
64 Read data by Buffered Readercode