Practical Linux Topics

Practical Linux Topics

English | 2016 | ISBN: 978-1-484217-71-9 | 151 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Teaches you how to improve your hands­-on knowledge of Linux using challenging, real-world scenarios. Each chapter explores a topic that has been chosen specifically to demonstrate how to enhance your base Linux system, and resolve important issues. This book enables sysadmins, DevOps engineers, developers, and other technical professionals to make full use of Linux’s rocksteady foundation.
Explore specific topics in networking, e­mail, filesystems, encryption, system monitoring, security, servers, and more– including systemd and GPG. Understand salient security concerns and how to mitigate them. Applicable to almost all Linux flavors–Debian, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, CentOS–Power Linux Topics ​c​an be used to reference other Unix-­type systems with little modification.
Improve your practical know­-how and background knowledge on servers and workstations alike, increase your ability to troubleshoot and ultimately solve the daily challenges encountered by all professional Linux users. Empower your Linux skills by adding Power Linux Topics to your library today.
What You’ll Learn

  • Solve a variety of challenges faced by sysadmins and DevOps engineers
  • Understand the security implications of the actions you take
  • Study the history behind some of the packages that you are using for a greater in-­depth understanding
  • Become a professional at troubleshooting
  • Extend your knowledge by learning about multiple OSs and third-party packages

Who This Book Is For
Having mastered the basics of running Linux systems this book takes you one step further to help you master the elements of Linux which you may have struggled with in the past. You have progressed past the basic stages of using Linux and want to delve into the more complex aspects. Practical Linux instantly offers answers to problematic scenarios and provides invaluable information for future reference. It is an invaluable addition to any Linux library.