Modern Data Pipelines Testing Techniques

Modern Data Pipelines Testing Techniques

English | 2023 | 186 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

A visual guide for understanding Modern Data Pipelines Testing Techniques

Any software product deteriorates rapidly without disciplined testing. However, testing data pipelines is a hellish experience for new data developers. Unfortunately, existing training about data pipeline testing give a scattered view of techniques for testing data pipelines. This book will help with a full view of modern data pipelines testing techniques in a highly-visual and coherent body of work. I hope it helps you in your career.

Why bother testing data pipelines? The main reason is that Data Engineering, Data Science, and Machine Learning Data Pipelines are the cornerstones of any productive data product. Billions of budget dollars regularly rely on the excellence of the data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers behind the countless software data pipelines that inform critical business decisions.

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