Master the Command Line: Use the Linux and Mac OSX Terminal

Master the Command Line: Use the Linux and Mac OSX Terminal

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Lose Your Fear of Typing and Feel as Confident at the Terminal as in the Graphical User Interface

In this course you will learn how to use the command line (also called the terminal) in a UNIX-based operating system like Linux or Mac OSX.

Learn how to navigate the command line and manipulate files like an expert!

Learn how to navigate in the terminal/command line.
Learn how to create and manipulate files and directories.

Take the fear away from the terminal and feel comfortable typing!

Let’s admit it. The command line looks scary and different in today’s world of Graphical User Interfaces on our computers and mobile devices. My first computer only had a command line, but that was many decades ago. Many of us never had that experience but sometimes find ourselves needing to use the terminal for some random task. But when we see that command prompt we don’t know what to do.

I designed this course to be easy and accessible to beginners. I’ll explain what that prompt means and what to do when you’re there. You’ll learn how to navigate the filesystem and how to manipulate files and directories. I keep it very basic so if you’re looking for an advanced course then this probably isn’t the course for you. I focus on the basics.

At the end of this course you’ll know all of the basics of the command line and feel comfortable using it.