Machine Learning in JS

Machine Learning in JS

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By the end of this course, developers will have a deeper understanding of machine learning, what is currently possible in JavaScript, and create 3 projects exploring TensorFlow.js features.

You’ll learn:

  • Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • Use pre-trained models and understand transfer learning
  • Create projects with image and audio recognition
  • Create custom models and split training data between training and testing sets
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Machine Learning Overview
3 Pre-Trained Models Overview
4 Object Detection with TensorFlow js
5 Using Webcam as Input
6 Using a Face Detection Model
7 Detecting Parts of the Face
8 Face Detection Demos and QA
9 Transfer Learning Overview
10 Training a Model with Teachable Machine
11 Using a Custom Trained Model
12 Running Predictions on a Loop
13 More Ways to Train Models
14 Training an Audio Model
15 Sound Model Demos
16 Loading the Model Webcam
17 Recording Examples
18 TensorFlow Model Layers
19 Optimizing Batching Training
20 Predictions from Live Webcam
21 Image Detector Project Setup
22 Clearing the Drawing
23 Collecting Shape Training Data
24 Building Training Testing Datasets
25 Image Model Layers
26 Training the Model with Image Data
27 Saving the Model Data
28 Model Summary
29 Using the Model in the Browser
30 Wrapping Up