Machine Learning for Data Science

Machine Learning for Data Science

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A primer on Machine Learning for Data Science. Revealed for everyday people, by the Backyard Data Scientist.

Unlock the secrets of understanding Machine Learning for Data Science!

In this introductory course, the “Backyard Data Scientist” will guide you through wilderness of Machine Learning for Data Science. Accessible to everyone, this introductory course not only explains Machine Learning, but where it fits in the “techno sphere around us”, why it’s important now, and how it will dramatically change our world today and for days to come.

Our exotic journey will include the core concepts of:

  • The train wreck definition of computer science and one that will actually instead make sense.
  • An explanation of data that will have you seeing data everywhere that you look!
  • One of the “greatest lies” ever sold about the future computer science.
  • A genuine explanation of Big Data, and how to avoid falling into the marketing hype.
  • What is Artificial intelligence? Can a computer actually think? How do computers do things like navigate like a GPS or play games anyway?
  • What is Machine Learning? And if a computer can think – can it learn?
  • What is Data Science, and how it relates to magical unicorns!
  • How Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Data Science interrelate to one another.

We’ll then explore the past and the future while touching on the importance, impacts and examples of Machine Learning for Data Science:

  • How a perfect storm of data, computer and Machine Learning algorithms have combined together to make this important right now.
  • We’ll actually make sense of how computer technology has changed over time while covering off a journey from 1956 to 2014. Do you have a super computer in your home? You might be surprised to learn the truth.
  • We’ll discuss the kinds of problems Machine Learning solves, and visually explain regression, clustering and classification in a way that will intuitively make sense.
  • Most importantly we’ll show how this is changing our lives. Not just the lives of business leaders, but most importantly…you too!

To make sense of the Machine part of Machine Learning, we’ll explore the Machine Learning process:

  • How do you solve problems with Machine Learning and what are five things you must do to be successful?
  • How to ask the right question, to be solved by Machine Learning.
  • Identifying, obtaining and preparing the right data … and dealing with dirty data!
  • How every mess is “unique” but that tidy data is like families!
  • How to identify and apply Machine Learning algorithms, with exotic names like “Decision Trees”, “Neural
  • Networks” “K’s Nearest Neighbors” and “Naive Bayesian Classifiers”
  • And the biggest pitfalls to avoid and how to tune your Machine Learning models to help ensure a successful result for Data Science.

Our final section of the course will prepare you to begin your future journey into Machine Learning for Data Science after the course is complete. We’ll explore:

  • How to start applying Machine Learning without losing your mind.
  • What equipment Data Scientists use, (the answer might surprise you!)
  • The top five tools Used for data science, including some surprising ones.
  • And for each of the top five tools – we’ll explain what they are, and how to get started using them.
  • And we’ll close off with some cautionary tales, so you can be the most successful you can be in applying
  • Machine Learning to Data Science problems.
Table of Contents

1 Course Promotion Video
2 Thank you for investing in this Course
3 Course Overview
4 Secret sauce inside How to get the most out of this course.

Core Concepts
5 Core Concepts Overview
6 Computer Science – the Train Wreck Definition
7 Whats Data I can see data everywhere
8 Structured vs Unstructured Data
9 Computer Science – Definition Revisited The Greatest lie ever SOLD….
10 Whats big data
11 What is Artificial Intelligence AI
12 What is Machine Learning – Part 1 – The ideas
13 What is Machine Learning – Part 2 – An Example
14 What is data science
15 Recap How do these relate to each other
Structured and Unstructured Data.html
Big Data – Quiz.html

Impacts Importance and examples
16 Impacts Importance and examples – Overview
17 Why is this important now
18 Computers exploding – The explosive growth of computer power explained.
19 What problems does Machine Learning Solve
20 Where its transforming our lives

The Machine Learning Process
21 The Machine Learning Process – Overview
22 5 Step Machine Learning Process Overview
23 1 – Asking the right question
24 2 – Identifying obtaining and preparing the right data
25 3 – Identifying and applying a ML Algorithm
26 4 – Evaluating the performance of the model and adjusting
27 5 – Using and presenting the model
Machine Learning – Process.html

How to apply Machine Learning for Data Science
28 How to apply Machine Learning for Data Science – Overview
29 Where to begin your journey
30 Common platforms and tools for Data Science
31 Data Science using – R
32 Data Science using – Python
33 Data Science using SQL
34 Data Science using Excel
35 Data Science using RapidMiner
36 Cautionary Tales

37 All done Whats next