Complete Linux Security & Hardening with Practical Examples

Complete Linux Security & Hardening with Practical Examples

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The Best Linux Security Course that prepare you to protects your Systems from attacks by hackers. Helps in RHCSA & RHCE

If you have basic understanding of Linux and want to enhance your skill in Linux security and system hardening then this course is perfect fit for you. Many security policies and standards require system administrators to address specific user authentication concerns, application of updates, system auditing and logging, file system integrity, and more. This course provides strategies for addressing specific policy and configuration concerns.

This course is intended to develop the skills needed to ensure data integrity on computer systems for organizations with high security standards.

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of this course you will be able to apply most of the security measures in your Linux environment
  • You will be able to pass the Redhat Certified Engineer exam (EX300)
  • You will reduce the risk of your Linux system being hacked or attacked
  • You will have expert knowledge of Linux account and system securities
Table of Contents

Introduction and Course Overview
1 Introduction
2 Syllabus Overiew
3 Download Syllabus
4 Thank You

Security Concepts
5 Welcome to Security Concepts
6 What is Security and OS Hardening
7 Comparing House Security with Computer Security
8 Securing All Operating Systems
9 Importance of Linux Security
10 Security Implementation Tools
11 Type of Security Breach
12 Handouts
13 Homework

Lab Setup
14 Welcome to Lab Setup
15 What is Oracle VirtualBox
16 Downloading and Installing Oracle VirtualBox
17 Creating First Virtual Machine
18 Linux CentOS7 Installation Recommended
19 Linux CentOS8 Installation Optional
20 Handouts
21 Homework

Securing User Environment
22 Welcome to Securing User Environment
23 Understanding etcpasswd
24 Understanding etcgroup
25 Understanding etcshadow
26 The etclogindefs File
27 Create User Account and Change Password
28 Change Password Parameters
29 Set Password Policy
30 Lock or Disable User Accounts
31 Lock or Disable User Accounts Manually
32 Lock User Account After 3 Failed Attempts
33 Restrict root Login
34 Disable SSH Access for a Specific User
35 Limiting User Account Resources ulimit
36 Implement UIDGID Policy
37 Centralized Authentication Service
38 sudo Access
39 Monitor User Activity
40 Homework
41 Handouts

PAM Pluggable Authentication Module
42 Welcome to PAM
43 What is PAM
44 The Importance of PAM
45 The PAM Configuration Files Format
46 PAM Config File Module Interfaces
47 Account Access Through PAM
48 PAM Config File Control Flags
49 PAM Config File Modules SO
50 PAM Aware Services and Stacks
51 Handouts
52 Homework

Securing Linux Filesystem
53 Welcome to Securing Linux Filesystem
54 Linux File Types
55 Linux File Attributes
56 Linux File Ownership and Permissions
57 Changing File Permission
58 Changing FIle Ownership
59 Access Control List ACL
60 Handouts
61 Homework

Securing Linux System
62 Welcome to Securing Linux System
63 Message of the Day
64 Customize Message of the Day
65 Physical Server Security
66 Remove Un
67 Keep Kernel and System Up to Date
68 Stop and Disable Unwanted Services
69 Separate Disk Partitions
70 Disable CtrlAltDelete
71 Running One Service per System
72 Change Default Console Passwords Only Physical
73 Disable USB Stick Detection
74 Enable an Network Time Protocol NTP or Chronyd
75 Lockdown Cronjobs
76 Change SSH Port
77 SELinux
78 Backups
79 Handouts
80 Homework

Securing Linux System Network
81 Welcome to Securing Linux Network
82 Introduction to Firewall
83 Firewall iptables tables chains and targets
84 Firewall iptables practical examples
85 Firewall firewalld
86 Firewall firewalld Practical Examples
87 Firewall firewalld GUI
88 Encrypt Incoming and Outgoing Traffic
89 SSH vs Telnet
90 Turn Off IPV6 If not in use
91 Handouts
92 Homework

Securing Environment Around Linux
93 Homework
94 Congratulations
95 Welcome to Securing Environment Around Linux
96 HardwareNetwork Firewall
97 Network Address Translation NAT
98 VPN Tunnel
99 Application and Database Encryption
100 Types of Security Threats
101 Handouts

Additional Resources
102 Welcome to Additional Resources
103 Getting Linux Commands Help
104 Compress and Uncompress Files
105 Absolute and Relative Path
106 Changing Password
107 sed Command Examples
108 Talking to Users
109 Wildcards
110 Hard and Soft Link
111 User Directory Authentication
112 Difference AD openLDAP WinBind etc
113 Open LDAP
114 System Log Monitor
115 Recover Root Password
116 File Transfer Commands
117 NIC Bonding
118 Advance Package Management
119 File System Check
120 Compress and uncompress
121 File Maintenace Commands
122 File Ownership Commands
123 Environment Variable
124 Linux File Editor
125 Process Management
126 User Account Management
127 Create Local Yum Repo
128 Securing Linux Machine

Bonus Section
129 Welcome to Bonus Section
130 Bonus Lecture