Learn Python 3 from scratch to become a developer in demand

Learn Python 3 from scratch to become a developer in demand

English | 2016 | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 7 Hours | 1.99 GB

A definitve guide to learn python 3.x with examples and exercises, created with keeping beginners in mind

This is the most comprehensive yet simple course on python programming language and it concentrates on Python 3.x which means that what you will learn is relevant and is not obsolete.

No Prior Coding Experience Needed

This course assumes that you have no programming background. If you have some experience then, it’s just a bonus point. You have never code, have some experience or have a lot of experience any other programming language, this course is one stop place for you.

Python is one of the most useful programming languages to learn
You can back-end of web applications, games, in-house scripts and even build robust test automation framework.

Table of Contents

01 Introduction

Setup And Configuration
02 Python Installation – Windows
03 Configuration Of Python – Windows
04 Python Installation And Setup – Mac
05 Package Management Using PIP
06 IDE Options For Python Development
07 Installing iPython

Understanding Variables And Data Type
08 Python Terminal Walkthrough
09 Understanding Objects And References
10 Variables Rules
11 Numbers Data Type And Math Operations
12 Numbers – Exponentiation And Modulo
13 Arithmetic Order Of Precedence
14 Boolean Data Type
15 Working With Strings
16 String Methods – Part 1
17 String Methods – Part 2
18 More String Slicing And Indexing
19 Strings Formatting

Advanced Data Types
20 List And Accessing The Elements
21 List Methods
22 Working With Dictionary
23 Nested Dictionary
24 Dictionary Methods
25 Working With Tuple

Comparison And Boolean Operators
26 Working With Comparators
27 Understanding Boolean Operators
28 Boolean Operators – Order Of Precedence

Program Control Flow
29 Conditional Logic – If Else Conditions
30 While Loop Demo
31 Break Continue And WhileElse
32 For Loop Demo
33 Iterating Multiple Lists – Using the Zip Function
34 Using Range Function In For Loop

Methods – Working With Reusable Code
35 Understanding Methods
36 Working With Return Values
37 Working With Positional Optional Parameters
38 Understanding Variable Scope
39 More Built-In Functions
40 Exercise With Solution Homework

Classes – Object Oriented Programming
41 Understanding Objects Classes
42 Create Your Own Object
43 Create Your Own Methods
44 Inheritance
45 Method Overriding
46 Exercise With Solution Homework

Exception Handling
47 Exception Handling Demo
48 Finally And Else Block
49 Exercise With Solution Homework

50 Builtin Modules
51 Create Your Own Modules

52 BONUS Whats Next and other cool free stuff