JavaScript from Scratch for Very Beginners

JavaScript from Scratch for Very Beginners

English | 2015 | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 5 Hours | 2.74 GB

We create outstanding JavaScript developers out of complete beginners. One hour into the course you will code like a pro

The course is for everyone. No specific programming knowledge is required. If you already have some experience with programming, you will grasp the core faster.

All you need is a PC or Mac and a text editor. You will learn how to install and configure other tools in the first section of the course.

With our course you will:

  • Learn how to set up working environment
  • Understand language basics, develop your first JavaScript code
  • Get ready for web development with JavaScript or even building NodeJS applications!
  • Move on to more advanced topics like Object Oriented Programming
Table of Contents

Section 1: JavaScript introduction
01 Intro to JavaScript
02 JavaScript Environment setup

Section 2: Variables and basic operations
03 Variables in JavaScript
04 Types and `typeof` operator
05 Basic operations with numbers
06 Basic operations with strings
07 Basic opertaions with booleans

Section 3: Basic JavaScript logic
08 Controling flow: `if` and ternary if
09 `Switch` – choosing between multiple options
10 Loops: `while` and `do while`
11 Loops: `for`
12 Breaking loops

Section 4: Objects in JavaScript
13 Objects: basics
14 Objects: nested objects
15 Primitives vs Objects

Section 5: Arrays in JavaScript
16 Arrays basic
17 Arrays – methods Push, Pop, Shift, Unshift
18 Arrays – add and remove elements
19 Arrays – more useful methods
20 Arrays – more about internal structure

Section 6: Type casting in JavaScript
21 Type casting – basic
22 Conversion values to boolean in JavaScript
23 Converting to strings

Section 7: Organizing your code with functions in JavaScript
24 Basic syntax of functions in JavaScript
25 Functions – using arguments and keywords
26 Practice functions
27 Functions – using arguments object
28 Functions are objects
29 Passing function as an argument to other function