The Go Programming Language Guide – Code Like a Pro

The Go Programming Language Guide – Code Like a Pro

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Learn the fundamentals of Go programming and see why it is the GO-to language for many developers

While there are many programming languages available for the developers today, very few of them are known for their efficiency and speed. The Go programming language, developed in Google in 2007, is one of them. With faster compile times and built-in concurrency, Go has become a popular choice for the developers to build fast, efficient applications. This comprehensive 6 hour course will give you a complete introduction to Go – starting right from the basics, taking you all the way to developing and deploying applications on the cloud.You will begin with understanding what Go is about, and why you should use it. You will understand the basics of Go programming – right from setting up the development environment for Go, to the basic features like functions and pointers. You will also learn about the more advanced Go concepts like pipes and routines and how to use them. Finally, you will develop standalone applications in Go, and also see how you can use Go in tandem with the popular programming languages like C, Java and Python. During the entire course, you will also look at the critical issues that can encounter when actually building Go applications, and learn ways to tackle them.

What You Will Learn

  • Set up the Go development environment
  • Understand the basic syntax structure in Go
  • Learn the fundamentals like functions, pointers and more
  • Get to grips with the advanced Go concepts like pipes and routines
  • Learn how you can use Go on the cloud – including Docker, AWS and Google
  • Interface Go with languages like C, Java and Python to develop real-world applications
  • Develop standalone applications in Go, including desktop and system-level applications
Table of Contents

01. Introduction

Introduction to the Go Programming Language
02. Why GO?
03. Setting Up the Development Machine
04. Go Basic Syntax

Language Features
05. Basic Features
06. Function
07. Pointers

Advanced Go Programming
08. Go mem
09. Go Pipes
10. Go Routines

Using Go on the Cloud
11. Go on Amazon AWS
12. Go on Docker
13. Go on Google

Working Examples
14. Go and Java
15. Go and Python
16. Go and C

Apps with Go
17. Desktop App
18. Standalone App
19. System-level App

Apps with Go
20. Summary