DevOps with Docker

DevOps with Docker

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Dockerize your applications in no time at all

DevOps might feel like it’’s still an emerging trend, but Docker is definitely here to stay. This rapid Learning Path will show you how to get up to speed with real-world containerization so that you can build and ship like an engineering professional.

This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

  • Beginning Docker (1h 55m)
  • Docker for Web Developers (1h 31m)
Table of Contents

Beginning Docker
01. The Course Overview
02. Getting Docker Inside a Vagrant VM
03. Containers Versus Virtual Machines
04. How Docker Works
05. Running the Containerized Commands
06. Managing Your Containers
07. Committing Changes to a Container Image
08. Sharing a Container on the Index
09. Finding and Using Third-party Containers
10. Writing and Building a Dockerfile
11. Adding Files to Your Container
12. Setting Default Container Properties
13. Building on Existing Containers
14. Setting Up Trusted Builds
15. Constraining the Container Resource
16. Overriding the Dockerfile Defaults
17. Using Volumes and Mounts
18. Ports and Networking
19. Linking Containers
20. Writing a Simple Application
21. Containerizing the Application
22. Setting Up an Application Server
23. Shipping the Container to Production
24. Creating a Simple Deployment Workflow
25. Using the Docker Remote API
26. Container Inside a Container
27. Managing Docker Logs with logspout
28. Creating Your Own PaaS with Dokku
29. Using Ambassador Containers

Docker for Web Developers
30. What Is Docker
31. Installing Docker
32. Getting Ready with Docker
33. Working with Images
34. Working with Containers
35. Diving Deep into Containers and Images
36. Playing 2048 with Docker
37. Saving the State
38. Uploading Images to Docker Hub
39. Managing the Images
40. Managing the Containers
41. Understanding Dockerfiles
42. Building a Complex Image
43. Iterating Our App to Succeed
44. Setting Up Our BitBucket Project
45. Setting Up and Triggering a DockerHub Build
46. Iterating to Success
47. Opening Up Our Containers to the World
48. Linking Containers to Each Other
49. Interacting with the Host Environment
50. Orchestrating Containers with Docker Compose
51. Complex Orchestration with Docker Compose
52. Docker Debates