Cracking The Website Code

Cracking The Website Code

English | 2016 | ISBN: 978-0995452404 | 228 Pages | EPUB, MOBI | 10 MB

“An essential read for anyone using a website to promote their business!”
What would it mean to have a website that works for your business, day and night?
Are you ready to:

  • Reject the myth that creating and managing a website can be scary and frustrating?
  • Make a site that pays, not one that just looks pretty?
  • Deliver what your customers really want?
  • Turn visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into repeat buyers?

Inside, take action to:

  • Implement the 10 essential ingredients every website must have
  • Use “Pro” tricks to avoid looking like an amateur
  • Increase your earning potential with marketing and copywriting
  • Secure your future by growing your email list
  • Make money from your website, even if you don’t yet have anything to sell

Janice’s jargon-free, expert guide, with WordPress tips, practical business advice, checklists and a free companion workbook, will help you launch your website success story today.
It’s time to start Cracking The Website Code.”Janice has a way of covering quite a complex topic in a straight forward, sometimes humorous, no nonsense and no hype manner that takes you through a logical and step by step thought process to go through when setting up your website. “As a marketer, I especially enjoyed the section on the ’10 Essential Ingredients Every Website Needs’ – I wished I had this when I was setting up my website – it’s pure gold dust as Janice explains exactly how to make your website pop out to the exact people who are looking for you and what you have to offer. I used to think that my target audience was ‘everyone’ but Janice teaches you through helpful worksheets how easy and important it is to hone in on your ideal customer or client and how to make them actually want to buy from you without them feeling they are being ‘sold’ to! This one section on its own is worth much more than the cost of the book!! “I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of revamping their website or starting a website as Janice not only covers the step by step process, but also the essential marketing mindset behind everything she teaches. An essential read for anyone using a website to promote their business!” ~ Nicky Price, U.K.