CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep (SY0-401): Application, Data, and Host Security

CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep (SY0-401): Application, Data, and Host Security

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Learn the fundamentals of securing applications, data, and hosts, which are crucial skills for IT professionals responsible for keeping their network secure. This course is part of our extensive CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep series, which prepares IT security professionals to pass the test and become globally certified with CompTIA, “the voice of the world’s (IT) information technology industry.” IT director Mike Chapple provides an overview of application security best practices—including collaborating with software developers for more secure code—as well as desktop and mobile device security. Mike also takes a close look at securing hosts, using techniques such as OS hardening and malware prevention. The course concludes with discussion of data security and special considerations for securing static environments.

Members who complete this course will be prepared to answer questions on the Security+ exam from the Application, Data, and Host Security domain, and take the next step in their IT careers.

Topics include:

  • SQL injection prevention
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention
  • Fuzz testing
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Mobile device tracking
  • Operating system security
  • Hardware security
  • Virtualization security
  • File permissions
  • Data encryption
  • Securing smart devices