AngularJS for Test-Driven Development

AngularJS for Test-Driven Development

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AngularJS is one of the most widely-used web frameworks today. Part of what makes Angular so amazing is that it is a framework written from the ground up with testing in mind. In this course, we’ll take a practical, hands-on approach to using Angular to its full testing capabilities.

You will learn how to build an app with good test coverage, how to write effective tests, and how to run tests automatically. Automated testing allows us to write code that is more reliable, more effective and easier to maintain.

In order to test Angular properly, you need to be familiar with a variety of libraries, many from the Angular team itself. This course will familiarize you with all the testing frameworks you’ll need: Mocha, Chai, Protractor, Karma and more.

By the end of this video series, you will be able to integrate into a workplace team using Angular test-driven development, and use testing in your own projects to maximize your effectiveness.

Table of Contents

01 Introduction
02 TestDriven Development in Angular
03 Before You Start

Scaffolding a Testable Angular App
04 Introducing the Ironclad Address Book
05 App Setup
06 Serving Mocha Tests
07 Running Karma Tests
08 Implementing a Simple Back End With Express

Testing Angular Applications
09 Testing Services With Inject and Module
10 Verifying GET and POST Functionality With httpBackend
11 Testing Angular Controllers
12 Testing Angular Filters
13 Testing Angular Directives

Code Coverage With Istanbul
14 What Is Istanbul
15 Adding Istanbul to our Application
16 Generating and Serving a Code Coverage Report

EndtoEnd Testing With Protractor
17 Installing Protractor Dependencies
18 Configuring Selenium
19 Testing With Protractor
20 Automating Protractor

Adding Finishing Touches
21 Reviewing our App
22 Adding Contacts
23 Updating the Contact Display
24 Adding Styles

25 Conclusion