Angular 2 Essentials

Angular 2 Essentials

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Unlock the power of Angular 2 to take over the world of modern web development

Angular 2 is a dream framework for any modern day web developer. It lets you build powerful and impressive web applications, with great development efficiency, speed, and performance. This course helps you gain a strong foundation in Angular 2 and the key concepts involved in creating modern web applications.

Starting off by building your first Angular 2 component, you’ll go all the way through topics such as deployment and automated builds by the end of the course.

After building your first components, you’ll return to the build-tools to understand them better. Here you’ll see how Gulp is used throughout to automate the building of your software to make your development life easier. Then you’ll take a deep dive into the constituents of an Angular 2 component and use them to reconstruct an existing example site for Google’s Material Design Lite library. Once you have your application ready, you will learn how to test and debug it. Finally, we wrap up the course by deploying your app and you’ll learn how to incorporate the continuous integration principle for automation.

What You Will Learn

  • Create your first component with Angular 2 with minimal setup
  • Understand how Angular 2 wants you to build an application
  • Expand your skillset with the use of tools such TypeScript and Gulp
  • Find out how to build sophisticated components and how to reuse them
  • See how you can take an existing site and slice and dice it into individual components
  • Build your app with security and debugging in mind
  • Leverage a modern DevOps tool such as Ansible to deploy your application
  • Test your Ansible scripts locally with disposable virtual machines created using Vagrant
Table of Contents

Seeing Results
01. The Course Overview
02. Making a UI Out of Components
03. Setting Up
04. Building Your First Component
05. Using a Model
06. Injecting Dependencies

Constructing a Workflow
07. Using Gulp to Drive Your Build
08. Looking over gulpfile.js

Focusing on Angular 2
09. Putting Up a Page
10. Using Core Directives
11. Handling Forms
12. Calling APIs

Upgrading Your Components
13. Learning Advanced Components 1
14. Learning Advanced Components 2
15. Advanced Templates and Pipes
16. Routing in Angular 2
17. Advanced Routing

Building It Bigger
18. Structuring an SPA
19. Handling Errors
20. Securing Your Application

Testing Your Work
21. Debugging
22. Testing the Pieces
23. Testing the Pieces (Continued)

Deploying and Advanced Topics
24. Integrating Continuously
25. Putting CI into Practice
26. Provisioning
27. Deploying
28. Living Virtually