Advanced Java Development

Advanced Java Development

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From Generics and Collections to Concurrency and Data Access

You’re a junior developer with a couple of years of Java under your belt and you’ve hit the Java wall of mystery. The knowledge blocker where complex concepts like concurrency and network programming or generics and collections leave you baffled and unable to proceed.

In this video, Java wizard Ken Kousen de-mystifies all to transport you to a smarter place. A place where your newfound Java skills work magic into the day-to-day practices of database programming, network programming and back-end web development. Spells uncovered include: generic programming, concurrency, interfaces, inheritance, objects, the new I/O packages, working with relational databases, networking, testing, inner classes, and the new features of Java 8. Put on your cape and zoom.

  • Become masterful at complex Java concepts like concurrency and network programming
  • Use your new Java skills to program databases, network systems, and back-end web applications
  • Understand interfaces, inheritance, and objects; generics and collections; and the new I/O packages
  • Learn about the Java Persistence API and how to integrate JDBC classes with relational databases
  • Practice testing with JUnit and discover how to implement inner classes
  • Explore newly released Java 8 features such as lambdas, streams, and the Java.Time package
Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the Course

Interfaces, Inheritance, and Objects
2 Abstract Classes and Methods
3 Using Abstract Classes
4 Implementing Interfaces
5 Static and Default Methods in Interfaces
6 Overriding toString, equals, and hashCode
7 Using Exceptions Effectively

Generics and Collections
8 Generic Types
9 Type Bounds and Wildcards

The New I/O Packages
10 Path and Paths
11 File Manipulation

Concurrency in Java
12 Threads, Runnables, and the ExecutorService
13 Callables and Futures
14 Locks and Latches
15 The Producer Consumer Problem

Working with Relational Databases
16 Traditional JDBC Classes
17 The Java Persistence API

18 The Java.Net Package
19 Working with URLs and Streams
20 Parsing JSON Data
21 The Socket and ServerSocket Classes

Testing with JUnit
22 The JUnit Annotations
23 Writing Test Cases
24 Testing for Exceptions

Inner Classes
25 Static and Anonymous Inner Classes
26 Single Abstract Method Interfaces and Lambdas

New Features in Java 8
27 Lambdas
28 Method References
29 Streams
30 Concurrent Collections
31 The java.time Package

32 Summary